In pair programming session with intern. She deletes something she shouldn't have.

Me: No, wait, don't delete that, undo.
Intern: ...
Intern: What is undo? How do I do that?
Me: ...
Me: *cringes internally*
Me: Uhm.
Me: Go to Edit > Undo, or press Ctrl+Z

I think I understand what is wrong, this poor individual has extremely rudimentary computer literacy skills worse than my 77-year old stepdad's and someone in management decided to give her a Junior Software Engineering position (actually paid internship) which is doing more harm than good.

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    Computer literacy going down with younger generations is a deeply worrying trend
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    Had the same thing twice where I worked before. Management think they can save a bit of money by finding someone utterly clueless.
    Cost us loads of lost productivity, that the same management blamed on us
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    @LotsOfCaffeine So you are saying ,.. better job security? www
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    @ElectroArchiver yes but also a new wave of horribly incompetent users
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    Yet there are skilled just chilling
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    @LotsOfCaffeine the more we can do on our phones, the less civilians learn to do on computers
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    think you make some wrong assumptions there..great developers are great problem solvers ..knowing basic keystrokes isn’t a big deal and will improve with practice no reason to write off an intern
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    @LotsOfCaffeine More $$$ for us though 🤙🤑
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    I like these stories, keep ‘em coming
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    How much money Is she earning ?
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    @green-portal haha I'm slowly losing my mind here :D
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    @green-portal I have no idea... And it's illegal to ask. Not that I care, as well, I just do what I am paid to do, nothing more.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine Funny enough, another software engineer on the team, who is a year or so older than this one, has excellent computer skills, probably better than mine :D
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    @TheBeardedOne I am thinking the same thing, because the other day she called me and asked why her changes weren't reflecting in the browser and kept getting weird errors. I noticed she wasn't saving her files and probably assumed they were being auto-saved.
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    @dissolvedgirl there is still hope...
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    LMFAO... That's quite something.

    Reminds me of a "conversation" I had with my ex.. she was running a Microsoft Excel course for some elderly people in our local town, and the one evening she said "I'm worried about my students, they're battling with the basics of using computers, I fear they won't do well with the Excel exam...". She felt so bad for them, she was going to offer an extra lesson for free..

    My natural response, was to say "what if you offered them a free lesson to cover the basics of using computers?".

    Well.. tl;dr: she took that as me telling her she doesn't know what she's doing. So I told her to fuck off and I left her at the pub.
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    Hey wait, just thought of something... Don't teach her how to copy/paste code from the internet! Omg... Such scary thoughts.
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