I recently installed pi-hole...
Everything was immediately perfect.

So, about two days later, I install a linux system... Hadn't had one when I setup my pi-hole. (Well, no Linux with desktop environment...)

So... Now I had error messages in Chrome... Connection change detected. The page didn't load, 3 seconds later it loaded. Many pages had to be reloaded.

And I focused my Google-Fu on issues connecting to pi-hole. Some issues where there, referring to Safari and pi-hole, but none for Chrome or/and Linux.

But what's a pi-hole? A DNS Resolver/Non-authoritive server and a DHCP server...

Maybe I haven't turned off my router's DHCP server correctly. So, wireshark... "bootp or dns" filter...

All dns communication is perfect, via UDP and from the pi-hole to my machine, not from the router. No DHCP messages from my router either...

Almost accidentally I found a page speaking about this issue. Had nothing to do with the pi-hole. Timing was a coincidence. Had everything to do with IPv6. Somehow that's switching over. Even worst, after reading that, I remembered I had the same issue in the past. I just forgot.

Turning off IPv6 was the solution. And fuck. Let this be a PSA: "Confirm your bloody assumptions when troubleshooting/debugging or waste time like an idiot... Just like me..."

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