It's almost 2023. ES6 have been around for 8 YEARS and still testing suite don't support it out of the box. I have to waste my time configuring transpilers. What the fuck are those stupid facebook fucks doing with their time? Fuckheadz

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    I hope they get cancer
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    how an entire industry's relying on shitty tools is beyond me
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    fucking up the vr industry, that's what they're doing.

    ah, and getting sued left and right, obviously
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    @thebiochemic how's the metaverse doing? It was supposed to be the big next thing, but now it's chatGPT supposed to replace us all. I swear the whole techbros revolution thing is getting old. We had a surge around 2000 and but now it's time to re-evaluate the whole idea of infinite progress.
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    @ostream it's doing fine. With or without meta.

    Despite popular belief, im pretty sure that if meta goes out of that business, yet another company will just take it's place. Nobody actually cares.

    except for the 3 active Horizon Players maybe
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    Isn't TS developed by Microsoft?
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    @Kernel yes, but facebook is big in the whole JS/TS Package/Framework/Whatever business.

    They're responsible for React, React Native, Jest and a boatload of other stuff.

    And yes i deliberately call dem facebook, because that's literally their handle on github.
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    @thebiochemic I mean the company's meta but facebook dev team is still facebook.

    And honestly, I think JSX is the next best thing that happened to the web after PHP
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