I saw a post on linkedIn from some recruiter trying to find jobs for "those great people who worked at twitter and got laid off" from twitter

Then I saw how twitter got hacked again because they were storing password in clear. Maybe they sucked at their jobs lol

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    Twitter was a pure venture capital burner never meant to be profitable despite being the biggest social news plattform and raking in immense amounts of advertising money. Now, the Musk will shrink it down until it breaks and then he will probably keep it as his private pet. Other billionaires have their own basketball team or newspaper. Elon is more a tech guy and liked using Twitter, so the weedhead somehow tricked himself into buying it.

    Honestly, being owned by a rich patron is the best that can happen to such a platform. He will probably not just let it die. And his people can defend Starlink against the Russian hackers. They probably can also fix Twitter's security issues.
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    Imagine not storing hashes kekl
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    @Oktokolo what makes you think he's not simply collaborating with the said russians?
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    @ostream becaus if its one thing Elo dislikes its government blocking progress and Putin have made it very clear that no one gets to bask in the glory of russian success but him :)

    That should be a big no no for Elon :P
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    @ostream The russians keep loosing lots of troups because Starlink acts as a robust backbone to coordinate the Ukrainian army and transport intel securly and quickly.

    The Russians would have "won" already, if it wheren't for Starlink. It already changed warfare forever.
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    @Oktokolo merely because the US is footing the bill. You think it''s about anything but money?
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    @ostream Of course it is about wealth in the end - are you a communist or what?!
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    @Oktokolo you don't need to be communist to be appealed by greed you know.
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    @ostream That is what a communist would say!
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    @Oktokolo ok you got me. McCarthy's ghost is haunting me every night even though I pray daddy staline.

    Nah seriously I'm neither.
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