Whilst others have success with getting new RAM, plugging it in and it just working, for me, that didn't happen..

I reckon it could easily take me a whole year just to figure out if the new RAM I got, even works in my motherboard ! ( Since I can't find a single reference online to anyone having ever used this particular RAM on my particular motherboard ! )

Meanwhile, trying to get a newer PC to play with so to speak.

Ordered one, but they said they couldn't deliver it because I lived on another planet..

Meanwhile, whilst waiting for a refund, ordered another one !

This one appears to have entered the postal service chain of command, so might arrive sometime this year.

Or maybe they will both arrive and then I'll have a really good machine for backup !

Ideally I just want the Dell Precision T5810 Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 to arrive.

But I might also end up with a HP Z620 XEON E5-1650v2, since it was a lot cheaper, and I reckon just a bit slower.

Feels so grown up to buy an off the shelf machine and not put it together myself. :-)

Though I'm sure there will be plenty of stuff to stuff into it, since I want 64Gb of RAM, SSD's, and even my first sort of NVMe.

So, whenever I get bored, I can just learn more about RAM settings, after I take my old PC apart and stick that piece of cardboard that is supposed to fix RAM issues into it..

I don't suppose anyone here knows how to get 48Gb of ECC RAM to work on a Gigabyte X58A-UD5 motherboard by chance.. ?

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    Is this your board?

    Supports a max of 24GB of ram.
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    @Demolishun Yes.

    Officially that is the limit, but if you use 8Gb RAM pieces, some folk have got it to work with 48Gb:

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    The RAM I'm trying to use to get to 48Gb is:


    I think it ticks all the boxes of what compatible RAM should look like..
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    Related link:



    Disappearing RAM on X58 Motherboards (Solved)


    And no, this doesn't help !

    But the cardboard trick could well do so..

    Once I find more of a reference to it !

    I've been asking around in various technical forums, but so far drawn blanks.

    Apart from folk telling me that 24Gb is the max. :-)
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    That pdf also says:

    "Support for non-ECC memory modules"

    I don't know if this means it has no support for ECC modules or not.
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    @Demolishun I know ECC works in it, because I had 24Gb ( 6 x 4Gb ) of the stuff working in it just fine. :-)
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    This was the 4Gb ( 24Gb total. ) RAM I had working just fine it beforehand:

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    Now the motherboard can only see 16Gb of the 24Gb. :-(

    Since it was working fine beforehand, I suspect a hardware issue with the board, eg. its bowed and needs that cardboard shim to fix it.

    Putting in the new RAM must have disturbed it !

    So that issue alone could be preventing the new RAM from working.

    But there may well be other settings issues to deal with too, if the auto-setup doesn't make everything work perfectly.
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    I've currently got a Xeon X5675, as such, would be nice to upgrade to a Xeon E5-1650 V4, and upgrade from DDR3 to DDR4.

    Same number of cores mind you, but max speed is 4Ghz instead of 3.3Ghz.

    I would have liked more cores, but I also wanted a higher top speed, since I notice the other day when playing Battlefield 2042, that my CPU was maxed out on all 6c6t cores, so I need more grunt !

    And 64Gb of RAM would be nicer than 48Gb, especially faster stuff.

    Hence finally going for an NVMe, I plumbed for a 1Tb version of one of these for my C:


    I think I can finally do away with a separate SSD drive just for my Swapfile now. :-)
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