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Oh where to begin... I have to post this here, I can't keep it to my self and I need to rant, god damnit.

I spent the last year working for a company, on minimum wage(my own choice... I know). I have been slaving away on a project that should really have a 5 man team backing it. My boss is completely on another planet, and has unrealistic expectations.

He got me to work with a client after work during this year, which I basically spent 8 of the 12 months, after work... also slaving away on the clients project.
I was supposed to have been paid A LOT of money, yet, every time I asked, "the client hasnt paid yet". One day I get an angry message from the client, asking why her shit is taking so long, why theres still so many bugs, why we dont have testers, why she cant bring clients on... and so on.
I then find out, she has paid my boss all of the money over the last 8 months, and my boss is still asking her for more money. He has lied to her and told her that I needed the money for things, and pocketed the money for him self, god knows what for.

Yesterday, I finally left the company, because I also haven't been paid wages for the last 2 months, my dickhead "boss" now refuses to reply to me on any platform, via phone etc.

I now have the client spamming me daily, asking where her updates are, when they will be done etc. My boss also ignores her.

I'm a good human being, I have lots of patience and worked 8 months for free, but now she expects me to work a further 1-2 months to fix, and add EVEN MORE features she never fucking mentioned.
I worked through a couple of the fixes, out of the goodness in my heart, with the fact she already paid for the project... after all, it's not her fault, nor mine....

A couple of days ago, she messaged me she found a new "great developer friend, with lots of experience and great analytical thinking" for me to work with, to get her shit complete. So I jump in a call with her friend, to talk about her PHP/Laravel experience, SHE DOESNT KNOW A SINGLE FUCKING THING.
The client demanded I give her friend access to the codebase, even though I told her, she's not going to be able to do anything at fucking all. Now this "amazing developer friend" of hers, is supposedly going to fix all of my issues, and tasks "I struggle with", bare in mind, I've worked with PHP for just over 6 years now, Laravel about 2-3.

I FIND THIS EXTREMELY FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL AND INSULTING, IF ANYTHING. Not only is this "developer" not going to be able to do shit, but make it worse. It's going to make my life even more fucking hell. On top of this, the client just has really fucking stupid expectations, she thinks HUGE updates can be done in fucking hours, she thinks she can message/call me a thousand times at 6 FUCKING AM. (Shes from the US, I'm from the UK) and she expects these updates instantly.

I dont even know where this is going anymore, or what else to say, but I'm extremely fucking pissed off. I'm now out of pocket by about 10 fucking grand. And now I'm living like a fucking peasant. I had to move back to my parents, and now I'm stuck in the fucking living room and cant even concenrate. I'm probably going to have to sign onto fucking job seekers, and be told how fucking worthless I am daily.

And ALLLLLLL OF THIS, because my boss is a greedy fucking cunt. I have no fucking idea where that money went, or what the fuck he did with it. But fuck me, I hope you accidently crash your car and die.

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    The whole living room situation is not good. Next time do not accept any intermediaries between you and the client.

    It only makes sense to have a boss or PM if they are paying well above average for the privilege to manage you. Otherwise, you may be better off working for yourself.
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    I don't know why you get into that situation. If my boss aren't paying me, then I assume that I am no longer working for him. So I reject any call from your BOSS client.
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    I finally clicked after this situation.. I guess I had all too much faith in humanity.
    It was mainly the fact I was litterally the only employee who will make him money. From my personal point of view, it makes no sense to screw over the person who basically runs your business... but yeah. Solo it is now, just not going to be easy at all :(
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    You should have done one thing when he stopped paying you:

    "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here!!!"
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    and tell your ex-boss client that you are not working for your ex-boss any more, so basically, that means you don't have any responsibilities whatsoever with that project anymore.
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    Just get away of this situation and never answer them again! Put a lawyer instead between you and your boss who still has to pay you the rest of the money.

    And then forget about every single stupid person who does not care of you, life is too short to waste time.
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    Please please please just blacklist that clients email. Though calling it you client would be wrong as they aren't paying you.
    If you feel like being a good person you could send a farewell email with a summary and/or the credentials for her services and let her "pro" friend take over. Not your mess.
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    @yzhea that's tight, bro sometimes you have to be an a..hole ur self maybe the client won't like it, but u have to see for your self too, if that means giving the project to someone who won't be able to do crap with it, then so be it, just move on.
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    @jpichardo I agree with you. Since the 'client' wanted her friend to 'help' you out, then the best she can do is help you get out of that toxic project.
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    @yzhea yup, I hate when this happens, clients think they own you because they payed someone else, and somehow they seem to believe that you have like a moral responsibility of finishing the project
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    You are out of your mind by leaving the job and still helping the client despite the the way she treats you.

    Hope good karma will be on its way to you
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    I really hate to say this because I can tell you're really upset - but you brought this on yourself.

    Working for minimum wage... working for free.....

    If you want others to respect you, you have to respect yourself.
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    I have to agree with @GigaMick - you braught this upon yourself. Of course, it sounds like you are not experienced in dealing with assholes and this might be a good "real life" experience for you, if only you will manage to not burn out.
    But first things first - give all access to that "friend", cut yourself out immediately and dot do as single thing, no matter how small or easy, out of the goodness of your heart. Tell the client that you are done, unless you see the money. And drastically increase your rate. No more minimum wage. Lawyer up and at least try to beat that two monts salary out of your EX-boss.
    And then have fun doing what you're doing.
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    You are a developer. You are giving valuable time of your life to someone (client, company, whatever). That time you'll never get back. Don't give it to someone who doesn't value it enough.
    Sometimes you might do it from the goodness of your heart. For free. But not for 8 fucking months. I know it's hard to leave someone in shit, but YOU have to be your no. 1 priority!
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    Time for the call of the contractors to your ex boss: "Fuck you! Pay me!"
    And a "I don't work for you, call the bastard or offer me a contract with a very large number on it." to the client.

    Then sit down with a calculator and a database of salaries and figure out given your experience EXACTLY how much money your are worth, then never again write code, answer customer calls, or for that matter get out of bed for less!
    YOU are a PROFESSIONAL, your time is VALUABLE! Act like it, and life tends to get a lot less complicated!

    (For reference I'm a junior dev and I don't get out of bed for less than 50 USD, and I don't leave the house for less than 100 USD).
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    This whole thing is kinda your fault too. If you work with an intermediary, it's his problem that he didn't get paid. If you didn't get paid - you stop working and sue maybe.
    Ok, you didn't do that. After the intermediary has disappeared, the client is not your problem. Unless the client pays you, and you agree to work (which she must politely ask, because you didn't have an agreement with her before). The project is not yours if you're outsourcing, so if the client wants you to pass on the project to someone else, and pays for it, you DO that. It's her right, her risk, her everything.

    If you follow these simple rules, you might actually even earn some money. And it surely reduces stress to a near zero.
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    Pretty much resolved now. Just thought I'd humour you guys though. "I think we need ftp access, my friend said you cant update the files on github" 😂 good luck with the project "client".
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