Why is file copying always, always, such a complete pain !

Why is there always a folder, or a file that is too long, or made up of funny characters that whatever operating system you are using, just doesn't like..

Why does it also take 14 hours to copy, but 3 hours into it, pauses with a question..

"Are you sure you want to copy this file ?"

"Error X038038393939292323.1923" copying file, press anykey to continue...

Of course, don't do this over a wi-fi connection, because it will time out..

Don't do this using any kind of USB to network adapter, because it will time out..

Also, don't do this with your HD not screwed into your PC, because it will suddenly jump out and dart and across the room, remain plugged in with those delicate that break just looking at them SATA connectors, overheat and die when you are taking a whizz..

Then you will have to do some housekeeping, since the only other HD you have is half the size..

Hey, who needs those files that are 15 yeas old and you have no idea what they are for !

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    At least windows use to relegate *problematic* files at the end of the transfer, so the tens of empty thumbs.db, somehow considered like extremely important system files are able to be group ignored or copied without fucking up the entire operation
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    @hippolyte Was that used to ?

    Currently with Windows 10, happens right in the middle of a transfer !

    Or rather, 10% in..

    Meaning you really have to cancel the whole thing, go and housekeep which folders are causing an issue, since if you don't fix it now, it will only be a problem later on..

    Must be a new thing, since those folders got there in the first place by being copied previously by Windows 10 without it complaining..

    Seems to be empty folders called "low"...
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    @Nanos I said use to because it happened to me up to last week, with ~10.000 files the tumbs.db were at the end, maybe I was lucky or some software relies on hazard to work well (not a surprise talking about microsoft)
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    @hippolyte So you are the person hogging all the luck then. :-)

    I just had it again complain about trying to copy a folder called 'low'..
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    Even copying betweent ms system can be a pain.. the filerserver had more support than onedrive... I guess karma is a b...eutiful and compassionate ally.
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    if we are talking multiple files:
    either zip (into muktiple files) and transfer

    or use some script which copies file by file. on windows maybe robocopy or some owsh with try catch shit
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    @nebula I've found all the scripts and apps that copy files, suffer from issues when there is a problem.
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    @electrineer Reminds me of the time I wrote a two BASIC programs in the 1980's to transfer files between two different computers over an RS232 link.

    I have a feeling if I used something like that, I'd just transfer the issue with the file/folder from one computer to another, so when I had to copy the data again by some other means, I'd hit the exact same issue I tried to avoid the first time !

    Better to find out what is causing the issue, totally delete it, and then never suffer with it again in the future.

    Pity its only Linux though.
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    @nebula I wonder if zipped files between PC and Mac is still a thing that doesn't work, or have they fixed that now ?

    Of course I only found out after zipping 100+ disks from a PC and then finding out, I couldn't unzip them on a Mac !

    Lesson there, don't assume, always test first !

    Kinda like earlier when I was trying to resize a partition, only it didn't work, so I had to do it the old fashioned way, eg. copy data off elsewhere, delete all partitions, format, start over, copy data back again..
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