I had a job opportunity with okayish maybe good job and more money. Last november. But i had a bad feeling somehow. I told my boss and he said he will try to get a raise for me of i stayed, so I stayed. He wrote some stuff so mgmt to hopefully get my raise.

Meanwhile super important project took place. I have to meet deadline, this friday. Was somewhat motivated, did a lot of overtime.

Today mgmt responded, raise denied. Because i can not prove i have an open opportunity with that salary. No shit after it took them two months!

And the day after tomorrow is the deadline. Bad timing, suckers, bad, bad timing. I will deliver what i have regardless how buggy tomorrow and take friday off.

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    If they deny it just because you cannot prove you have a better one they are in the business of abusing their employees and the next chance you get you should take it, they are never going to change.

    But also, generally, using an argument that you got a better offer is not the best reason when asking for a raise since from the employer’s view, if they did approve, you could keep asking for raises on and on.

    So its much better to use the work you do, average salary statistics, how crucial your knowledge is.

    And if they still does not give a raise, accept the next good option.
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    @Voxera the contrary the law (it's public service) only allow them an extraordinary raise in exactly one specific situation: when there is a better offer at hand and they really need you. And you bet they need me.
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