I'll just use that smart thingy I got the other month..

Oh wait, my Android app won't let me auto-login like it did last time..

No problem, I've got my login details here someplace..

FX [ Time Passes . . . ]

Now it says I don't have an account..

All I want to do is turn on a switch !

Why are these things so complicated and don't work when you want them too...

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    Along the way I discovered Android has some default thing where it knobbles your app if you don't use it for months !

    So, something else to get in the way of getting things all set up right and then not working when you need them.

    Reminds me of PAYG phones, and them changing the terms and conditions 6 months later, that if you don't use it for 1 month, they disconnect it !

    So much for an emergency back up phone !

    I remember mine wasn't working, so I rang myself to see what would happen.

    Someone answered, but it wasn't me !

    But I had my phone in my hand, was it a call to another universe...

    No, just I lost my phone number, you bastards !

    And my account credit too. :-(
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