Colleague: implements stuff and it works.

Boss: i have a good idea how to make it different and better.

Me: idea sounds neat but what colleague did works 100% fine. We shouldn't waste time for changing a running system.

Other_collegue: i have implented it like boss said in project 2.

Boss: they shouldn't be different.

Me (being the one to decide here) : come on okay then, let's do it like they say.

colleague: implements it like they said.

Months: pass by.

Today I have realized that the former solution is way better. I am so sorry, colleague, that i didn't stood up more for your solution.

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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Guess your boss needs to have this printed out in large fonts and framed in on all his walls in his/her/x office
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    Next time tell your boss that if they have spare money, they could just raise all your loans.

    If they look at you in a funny way, explain that changing something just cause you can costs a) money and b) bears the high chance of regression, which leads to additional costs.

    These costs could all be invested in better things - excluding more money for management and non dev stuff.
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    @tHe-jAsE neither are attack helicopters for pronouns.
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