So with the "AI wars" going on between Google and Microsoft, I decided to try out Microsoft Edge. This browser is feature rich and to my surprise seems faster than chrome. Bing also provides me with better answers than Google Search, chrome doesn't scrape a website and provides you with a code snippet. There's a lot more cool quirky stuff where that came from. I think I will make Microsoft Edge my primary browser. Giving it a couple more days, it's looking really promising.

The AI feature addition will just make this comparison a lot easier. Microsoft is actually doing great things.

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    Am glad theres finally some good competitors to google, even if they are giants themselves
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    I was a vivid chrome fanatic when chrome showed up in its beta 0and IE was still king.

    Somewhere along the way, G-chrome turned into a beast of performance issues and started to spiral away from being the light weight and simple browser it once was and offered to be.

    Edge (the prequel) was a shit browser, and not the IE replacement MS should have release, and not the chrome killer they had hoped for.

    Edge (chromium) is exactly what they should have done.

    Yes it's still chrome, no it's not some resource consuming black hole.
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    @C0D4 edge is so disgusting. Changing the default tab page is a nightmare. I could vommit thinking from that experience.
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    @joewilliams007 it's the exact same UI as chrome has.

    -> search "tab"
    -> tick open these tabs
    -> "add new page"
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    Well a few months ago it wasnt easy to find and entering in address bar still opened bing. Anyways i dont use edge.
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    @joewilliams007 that’s why they added chat AI now 😆
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    meh, you can get same thing via chrome plugin lol.
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    ok, ok, but consider this: Firefox? Brave?

    Why switch one spyware for another?
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    @Hazarth Brave is still chromium.

    As "spyware", you can disable telemetry. If you consider it "spying".

    Honestlly I put telemetry in 100% of code I do.

    Even for a client, where my code will be executed on premises, I require Internet acess to send telemetry and logs.

    Makes debug so much easier

    And yes, soft will not start without internet acess, even if it's needed only for telemetry.
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    @NoToJavaScript that‘s a pretty bad practice. And also illegal, if you don‘t ask for user‘s permission.
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    @Lensflare They know it.

    I offer 2 solutions :

    1. Local log files. Need to work with them to give them it to me etc. Extra 2H of work billed for each "bug"

    2. Online telemetry. They have nothing to do. And 2H less billed.

    99.99% takes option 2, as they should.
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    @NoToJavaScript So if the company looses internet access due to problems that might not even be their fault, they also can't do their work offline?

    Why would you do such a thing?
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    @Hazarth It's mostly B2B.

    If company loses internet, they have bigger issues (Like actual people who can't work).

    My soft will not crash on conexxion lose. But I did put an explicit thing which will stop soft after 24H without internet connexion. My soft doesn't even care about if it can or not report telemetry. I I actually nedded to bypass couple of reporting software rules to implement ÈCrash after 24HÈ rule

    Why ? Because it makes my job easier.

    And honestlly, even my home internet connexion almost never goes down. It's the minimum to expect from a company with more than 25M$/year.
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    I hate everything about your approach to software and quite honestly you should go and work at microsoft.

    The retard that decided that it's a good idea to make Xbox not work if it's not connected to the internet for more than 24h (not even single player), would love to share his ideas with you.

    Dumbest idea ever, and the community let them know how stupid that was, so that's a majority vote on this approach right there.

    -_- as far as I'm concerned, this should be illegal
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    @Hazarth Oh

    I think you misunderstood me 😊

    I hate that games like Diablo 3 requires internet connexion.

    I hate that you need to put steam in offline mode BEFORE disconnecting Internet.

    As a user, I hate that practice.

    As someone being paid to develop and fix bugs, I love it. You don’t get it, I think. The right telemetry is worth more than 10 calls with the client.

    And if it’s online, I can see it in real time while asking client to do some manipulations. It’s fucking debug heaven. (And I can trace every single API call, database call, others ependancies calls, everything)

    So yeah, as a USER, I hate this practice, as a developper for a paid job, it’s insanely good and saves countless hours..
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    @Hazarth And, talking about it.

    Uopdates for onpremises services.

    Couple of years ago I used to provide a GU with only 1 button “Update” (And some info like current version, service state etc).

    The FIRST ask from clients was always “Just make update automatics. 1 button to click is too much work for us”

    Yeah, but for THAT, I do NEED internet connexion to check if there is a nerw version or not, then install it, then restart service.

    So I fear you are in minority here.

    Nothing wrong with requiring constant internet connexion for B2B (At least) products.
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    But if you hate it as a user and like it as a dev, doesn't that make you a bit of a hypocrite every time you either uptalk or downtalk the practice?

    you can't say "it's great" and then hate it when it's done to you, and vice versa... I mean clearly you *can* just say it, but I'm not sure what that says about you. How can I, for example, be friends with you, and bash the practice together, if the moment you turn around you start doing it, or vice versa, how can we talk about how useful and great it is, if the next time someone does it to you, you call it a stupid practice?

    ._. my brain responds with 400s and 412s on this conversation...

    good luck with it I guess?
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    No arguing in my comment section 🔫
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    I like how in devRant, the rants often become the hosts for completely different discussions in the comments section 😄
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