Being an almost 20y old JVM language, you'd expect it to already have been rewritten in itself. IT FUCKING WASN'T.

But, "hey, it's a hosted…", stop fooling yourself, its "sneaking in work" capability has such bottlenecks that SCI was created.

You'd think its stack traces would be better than Java's, after all, it was supposed to be an improvement… They're worse.

Oh, "we've got a REPL". The amount of alternative REPLs available for it shows how bad the default one is.

There's more, but the gist of it is that none of the above is truly the culprit of its shitty language adoption rates.

It's its implementation code.

Have you taken a peak at Clojure's implementation code??

Last edit was in 2012.

Not because of stability, but because the fucking thing is a tightly coupled monolithic mess.

It's such fucking outdated messy Java that any change by none other than Rich Rickey (creator) would BREAK THE FUCKING THING

That's it, I'm done ranting

Fuck Clojure
fuck its implementation
there's no fixing it

Unless they do it Elm style and risk nailing Clojure's coffin shut

Also, on ClojureScript, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU TAKE THE SHIT ABOVE AND WRITE A COMPILER WITH IT? Targeting none other than another shitty language: JavaScript

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    By the way, i think not even Rickey wants to touch that shit fearing all hell breking loose
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    So Clojure is another one of those languages with a bus factor of 1?
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    @nitnip define bus factor
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    @bigmonsterlover The amount of maintainers that need to get hit by a bus and die for the entire project to collapse because nobody else has the technical knowledge to maintain it.

    PHP's bus factor was 2 a few years ago. core-js has a bus factor of 1.
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    @nitnip first time I've heard the term bus factor! I learned something new today lol
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    I like clojure, but as an academic experiment, although I have written software used at work in it.

    I am curious if the involvement of Rich hickey is that akin to a benevolent dictator for life, or if it is based on what the other ranter said and it is more of a "only that fucker can do it" sort of deal.
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    @AleCx04 It's a pretty scary metric for big projects like languages or libraries that are depended upon by just about everyone.
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    @AleCx04 I haven't seen any relevant contributions of him towards clojure for quite a while, specially clojure.lang, tho Cognitect's hostile takeover and talent grabbing by Nubank might have something to do with it.

    @nitnip i find the metric suitable for Clojure's core problems. Tho those are what makes the language irrevocably hostile to newcomers
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