So a particular client of ours has been having an issue with our software for the past few days. In short, they get an error when trying to do their end of day tasks. They simply have to restart the software and the error goes away until the next day when they have to do the process again. The developers are looking into it, along with other bugs and features, in other words this particular issue isn't the only one that's getting worked on.

For some reason, this store owner somehow believes that his issues are the only ones we are dealing with right now. One of the other techs already had the pleasure of speaking with him on the first night this happened, explained to him about simply restarting the software, but that apparently went in one ear and out the asshole.

I am not one of the developers at our office, simply tech support for now (maybe i'll migrate over once i feel 1337 enough). I had to repeat essentially the same answer to him.
Me: "The good news is you just have to restart the software and when you perform the end of day functions, you will not see the error. it will come back again each night until the developers fix the bug and release an update"

him: when will that be finished?

me: I do no have an estimated time, but a message has been sent to the developers about this issue, so once they resolve the issue, an update will be released.

him: but yeah, how do i fix this issue? I still don't have any answers.

at this point it's pretty much goto 10, reiterating the same stuff I told him, just slightly reworded. At some point he asked who the developers are, as if that was going to make any kind of difference what so ever. It's just baffling how some of these people are running businesses with the attitude they have. What's more puzzling is some of the people who call have been at these places for some years and have used our software and hardware just about as long as the stores have been there. They call and it's as if computers were JUST now being brought to their attention.

"I plugged the keyboard up to the modem".....pc tower

"I typed in the ip address"..... www.google.com

Half the damn time they can't tell if a particular printer is directly connecting to their station (the obvious cable going from the printer to the station itself) or if it's a network printer (again, obvious cable going from printer to the port on the wall). God forbid it's directly connected, because I have to ask "Is it a usb cable or serial cable... with the screws on the sides of the connection" and thankfully i haven't got "Both" as an answer yet (and i'm sure I will at some point). But even that is too hard of a question, typically 10 seconds of "Uhhh......" followed by " I think..." then me asking "Does it look like an internet cable?" and finally a yes or no from them. At that point it's just about the station not being upset at me and allowing me to install it properly with no issues.

I'm seriously thinking of sending god damn custom-made pop-up books with instructions on how to fix the broader issues and mailing it out to each store.

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    @rtannerf Well the main reason i didnt is bc learning from past experiences, i know not to mention names. Once a client finds out someone's name that is above us techs they will hound that person daily. This one woman has been bugging my supervisor constantly because of that, so i dont anymore haha
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