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It's 2017, why aren't we using IPv6 yet?

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    because it would mean that you lazy backend devs would have to do some work to transform your product into ipv6. trolol 😜
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    Why aren't you ?

    Lots of hosting providers and isps offer ipv6.
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    High migration cost, not enough qualified engineers and no major benefits for decision makers
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    You probably are, but lots of systems still need to migrate.
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    IPv6 is growing steadily but main drivers for IPv6 implementation are basically: IPv4 address exhaustion and cool factor. If you're doing it because it's cool and you have money, no problems there. If you just don't have any IPs left in your AS and want to get rid of IPv4, soon you'll find out that there are much less expensive solutions than IPv6.
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    I'm not a network guy but I imagine pinging an IPv6 😓
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    Migration as all have said.

    Mainly explaining to overqualified network engineers why we need it and how it's the way of the future (only to be met by blank stares, and the smell of sour cream farts coming from the office).
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    Also, just to be clear, in both my previous comments I was talking about implementing IPv6 in ISP environment. If you have small/mid enterprise and uplink providers that offer IPv6, you should deploy it. There is solid support for IPv6 on endhost devices and there aren't many other aspects of the network that have to be changed if you're running dualstack. Only major thing would probably be protecting the local network, which with IPv4 NAT somewhat came as a side effect. I think that a lot of people, as @gitpush mentioned, are just used to dealing with IPv4 a certain way and IPv6 looks intimidating because of that. But it shouldn't be.
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    why not use ipv10
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