Why does everyone here only use Spotify? I think Google Play Music's algorithms are better

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    Nope. Spotify for me!
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    Spotify is blocked here on work wifi, Google play music is not. I'll be damned if I'm going to chew up my data on something work related.
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    Spotify to manage my music, Google Play when I want a fancy radio and or background noise.
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    Listening to complete albums
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    Google Play all day. Although their Office DJ (SFW) needs to consider not playing explicit versions of songs. Not blessed pleased when trying to find something we could listen to in the presence of my mates 3 year old.
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    @robzombie111 personally, I don't like plex's ui
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    Sorry, but Google play music is far inferior
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    @penguin Why do you say?
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    @theNSA light theme, no discover Playlists like Spotify, lots of missing music, no Linux client and doesn't work in Firefox..
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    @penguin the whole app is designed around playlists, but I can see the other things
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    @busuu Tried a VPN?
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    @busuu Seems like your mad because you are unable to bypass their checks :P
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    Give Dark theme in Google play music and then I will consider.
    #jk :D
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