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    VS 2017 is better (and lags less, hell 2015 even lagged on an i7-4790k + RX 480 PC, and I even got an SSD).
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    @filthyranter I can't really fully upgrade to 2017 as most of the libs I use daily have not supported the ide yet.
    If they will work with 2017 then I'll upgrade right now lol
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    Round 1
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    throw hands
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    @irilias @sam9669 haha me too, and still
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    I mean, why do people use different versions of VS? Why not use the most recent one which in this case is 2017. My friend used 2013 VS and don't get why...
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    @PillowFaceMcG Maybe the license doesn't allow for upgrades or something idk lol.
    Maybe they like it more?
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    Using 15 at work and 17 at home. Both are fine.
    Sure 17 looks nicer and has a few awesome features but that's not necessary.
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    @lazyDev @irilias when I read his rant, all I could think of was mortal kombat and street fighter XD
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    VS is good. But it can definitely become better
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    @SAM41 2017 is a lot faster and doesn't hang at "Initializing templates..." for a few minutes on a quite good PC build...
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    Visual Studio 2010. Good memories
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    @PillowFaceMcG its called legacy code! I wish it work where we could just get lasted version and have that be the only one.
    We have too keep around 2013 (thank god we dont have to keep 08 anymore) because our c++ libs wont run when compiled in 2015. Any nobody has taken the time to see if it works in 2017 or not. Truth be told it took alot of work to get it to work in 2013 to get us off using 08 and the guy that did that has moved on to greener pastures.

    Also side not Sql Server Management Studio will generally install an older version of VS. IE SSMS 2012 would install VS 2010
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