I don't trust my router. ISP issued piece of crap.

Finally I came around to reducing it to a modem and connecting my own hardware.

I chose mikroTiks. And I was in over my head immediately. I had to reset them so very often before I finally understood that bridge is not meant as a two port router. That's how I know that term. It connects instead on layer 2.

And then it took me ages to set up CAPsMAN. Turned out I just forgot to set the caps interfaces to three chosen configuration. CAPsMAN is routerOs' integrated wi-fi management tool. One location configures all access points.

But finally.. my network. Firewalled and NATed of from my ISP. With good WiFi everywhere, thanks to band steering and handover.

MikroTiks and routerOs are amazing. Its terminal is so useful. Ssh onto the router easily. I love it. But I was woefully unprepared and it took longer to set it up then I'd like to admit.

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    Oh man I want to setup something like that too but it’s soo much work. I’m not particularly versed on networking so to say the least it’s a daunting task to get into.
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    @neriald Just go for it. Mikrotiks are comparably cheap and you can only learn.
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