My SSD just died 😫. The worst part is that I reinstalled Linux and windows 3 days ago and now I have to reinstall it AGAIN

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    the good part, since you've reinstalled recently you didn't loose much data?
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    Plus of course SSDs should really fail "Read-Only" wherever possible, so it might be possible to mount the file system read only and pull any missing files off.
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    @Wildgoose It's completely dead. It reports that it has 2MB of storage. Not 2mb left. 2mb total. I contacted the manufacturer. They said that it sometimes happens and is covered by warranty.
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    When I reinstall and setup the programs and tools I use, I immediately create an image of that installation. If you've done that, it would've been a huge time saver.
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    sudo mkdir /backup
    sudo mkdir /backup/logs
    sudo mkdir /backup/backups

    tar -cvpzf /backup/backups/backup-$(date -I).tar.gz \
    --exclude="/backup" \
    --exclude="/mnt" \
    --exclude="/run" \
    --exclude="/media/*" \
    --exclude="/home/*/.cache" \
    --exclude="/var/backups" \
    --exclude="/var/cache" \
    --exclude="/var/crash" \
    --exclude="/var/lock" \
    --exclude="/var/log" \
    --exclude="/var/run" \
    --exclude="/var/tmp" \
    --exclude="/var/spool" \
    --exclude="/tmp" \
    --exclude="/opt" \
    --exclude="/srv" \
    --exclude="/snap" \
    --exclude="/proc" \
    --exclude="/dev" \
    --exclude="/sys" \
    --exclude="/lib" \
    --exclude="/swapfile" \
    --exclude="/lost+found" \
    --exclude="/home/*/.local/*" \
    --exclude="/home/*/Dropbox/*" \
    --exclude="/home/*/Downloads/*" \
    / 2> /backup/logs/backup-$(date -I).error.log
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    Wow... i thought you just reinstalled Windows 3... Then i read the post again =D
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    What do you mean by ssd fail
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