My first attempt on making a simple website. My CSS and JavaScript didn't work but then I figured out, after nearly an hour, that I didn't reference the files in my HTML file 😵😱

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    The phase every newbie has gone through
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    @abhi-dev Oh yeah! I still do it sometimes by accident 😅
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    Don't worry, we've all been there
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    Been there. It's okay.
    You'll move onto more massive screwups in no time.
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    Been there. Done that. It takes time.
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    With Django in my HTML templates I sometimes forget to specify that the CSS and JavaScript files are in the static directory.irritating as shit
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    We've all been there! I would hate to know how many hours I've wasted debugging CSS/JS, only to realise I spelt the class wrong 🤣
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    Beginners mistakes, been there, done that.
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