6 hours of debugging... Just to find a missing semicolon. fml.

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    Please explain, I see these posts and always wonder how ?
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    @MisterArie A missing semicolon is super hard to spot. Especially in a large program.
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    @TheAtom but even if when you are not working with an IDE. Wouldn't the error message you get tell you the line?

    All languages I ever worked with did this.
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    Let me tell you op, these type of cliche rants will not get you those stickers.
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    A missing } can be much more painful.
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    Use a linter, brotha.
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    It's 2017. Stop using notepad and move on to something more useful. These problems should not exist.
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    I know how you feel. This one time I was working in C, I had an array of strings...and I forgot a comma. So what happened was that the compiler saw two consecutive string literals and concatenated them. I was pulling my hair out until I finally found it after hours of yelling "This bug makes no sense!"
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