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    swag-dev level over 9000!
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    Oh-f my last rant was just about this
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    Can't get fired, if nobody understands your code.
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    .... found murdered with an axe in his house because of unmaintainable code
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    This pretty much sums up every dev who has been to my company, except my company fires them before they can write documentation. Before finally refactoring our entire backend, it was basically just a mound of shit that everyone would add to, and somehow we kept it working.
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    @FidgetyDigits for me joining this company I had to work with apps made by a third-party company that they hired.

    The code is an absolute nightmare

    So many hard-coded values planting throughout the app, bullshit naming conventions and that's just the tip of the iceberg..
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    @squid I think as an intern it's okay to have not the most amazing code (also an intern well one year experience atm), but the guy that coded this app at work had five years prior experience and worked for a company that was outsourced to build for multiple companies, I just can't imagine how horrible the code is for some of those apps they made, I think they intentionally did this for job security :/
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