My classmate don't want to use devRant well ok it's not for everyone (somebody might not like it) but now he said that git is stupid thing and hard to work with and that he save everyproject on hdd.
I tried to explain but oh well yu know answer "no still bad"
How can he be even a dev ?

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    Some people only learn by running into a wall. Especially younger people.

    He will be fine.
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    I was like that. Until I fucked up big time. Then I started using git and stuffs.
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    Hdd masterrace
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    "on hdd".
    Where does he think git stores his project, bottom of the ocean :/
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    @rusty-hacker look he said that he don't understand repost and branches push pull and stuff I send him few tutorial​s and he watched one from 10 and said I don't need it.
    Well he will need it.
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