Mom : I hope your girlfriend won't be better at coding than you are!

In fact I would love to, because we would have something in common + she would help me whenever I'll be in trouble

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    Just... Why?

    What's the context here?
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    @Raghnaid A survey in the magazine she was reading saying that females were better suited for webdesign than males and as I'm learning webdev~
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    @santartine Wow. Ok.

    Your mother still sounds silly.
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    @Raghnaid Let's say she doesn't know how it works, that's all.
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    However, design != development
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    I've read several studies that seem to show that women are better at coding, too, not just design.

    But as much as I'd like to believe that, I rather think their data is skewed since the only women who make it through actually really really enjoy coding.
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    @Ashkin my point wasn't that women don't excel at programming, please don't make it like that. It was more the point that because designing and developing is so inherently different it's not really an applicable comparison. As a dev, the only thing designers helped me with was design. (And that's fine~)
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    But I think you might be right on the passion part, I can at least vouch for the lack of interest and passion in male CS and ICT students.
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    @nicholai not what I meant at all 🙂
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