Rant about abusive supervisor—
I have already cried at work a handful of times because of the way I am belittled, mocked, and spoken down to by my supervisor.

I don’t use the word abuse lightly. I asked other people in the industry if supervisors behavior is normal to get perspective because I thought, well, maybe I’m just being dramatic or overly sensitive. And everyone agrees, their behavior is mean and inappropriate.

For example, I was tasked with troubleshooting a device. Yesterday I was trying to figure out why the device was failing and I could not, and when asked for an update I let Supe know that “nothing seems to work momentarily”. Today I finally narrowed down the issue to a particular bug and told them of this finding. How did Supe react?

Supe accused me of finding this out yesterday but withholding the information from the team. He then proceeds to mock what I said by quoting me and saying: “well that’s different from what you said yesterday, that does not mean the same as “nothing is working”. And he repeated this a couple times. Treating me like an idiot that doesn’t know the difference between my own statements, I told him well I didn’t figure it out until today and I apologized.

This is one of many such instances of talking down to me like I’m a child. I show nothing less than respect and good manners towards this person.

I don’t know what to do about this behavior. I would love to find a new job but I need this job for stability while I move across the country soon, I have no other options right now.

Should I just suck it up? Should I tell someone? I don’t know.

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    Document all interaction with this pos.
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    Absolutely agree to documenting. Dates/times what was said who was present. Do not embellish or interpret or try summarise. Document as best you can the actual facts of the interaction. Build up a catalogue of bullying and narcissism to present. Be careful who you disclose this to higher up the chain. If there is no-one consider a legal case against him and the company, this will ultimately make you unemployable however. Seek professional advice externally. Good luck!
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    been in similar situations... in my case nothing helped. I was polite at the begining, then we stared the words fight... then we reset ( he told me he changed... ) after a year of my first leave ( he had fired me first ) and when I saw that he didn't really changed I left again forever. and it was the owner of the company, so I couldn't bring the issue up... so I really can't tell you what to do ( every sitiuation is diff ), but as mentioned above u can have a strict docs about your interactions w/ him and the techinacal stats of the issues discussed, so u can bring the attention to his mistakes to higher ups, or just use it for ur defence. and if that doesn't help save as much as u can, search for the best hop and get out if there =}
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    It's only your sanity and self respect.
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    Depends I would say… if u enjoy your work spot, you could always try to fix the situation over a long period of time where they are eventually hated and weeded out and you are at the top. That requires some hardcore scheming and potential manipulation tho. For me, I would personally confront them and make sure they know they can’t belittle me that way, but also in a professional way where their higher ups know that they are being assholes. Basically like: “I am warning you dumb bitch.” If they have a social media presence, you could always try the old bot army attack somehow to cause absolute chaos.
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    Unfortunately, some people only show deference and respect when they stand to lose something important.

    At my first job-- not comparing, just saying-- I was treated like an annoyance, even though I was the one putting the project together in the middle of the night. So I got the project done and quit for a reloc + raise
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    Saying that nothing seems to work is not very helpful without specifying what was tried and what result it had. It can be misinterpreted as if the whole system doesn't work in any case. Maybe it would be better to say that investigation is ongoing with no clear leads so far, if giving the full detail is too much.

    Either way, the way your boss reacted is unprofessional and does not make any sense even if he misinterpreted your explanation of the situation. And that's the real problem.
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    @electrineer he knew what was tried , he’s the one that gave me troubleshooting tasks so there’s more context to the “nothing works” comment. But yeah
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    Nope - maybe we're off the hook then!
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