When purchasing a laptop, the most important factors to consider are CPU processing speed, type of CPU, the battery, the type of RAM and its size, the type of storage and its size, the GPU and what you intend on using the laptop for.
Most shops in Ghana don't even fucking consider these factors but rather lead customers to branding and form factors

Two years ago, I needed a laptop for school(university) so told my father to buy a laptop with a high powered CPU, a "gaming" laptop as they would like to call it(not the ones with those RGB lighting) with a base clock speed greater than 2.5GHz, can handle heavy computation and has at least 16GB RAM so I could do some proper practical studies(basically compiling kernels and building apps). Such a laptop would have cost GHS 8000 - 9000 and that was for 2019 models

After ignoring my request, he decided buying a cheap laptop around GHS5800 which was an HP Pavillion 15 with touchscreen which couldn't even compile a simple C program without freezing the whole system on Windows, so I had to use Linux just to be able to compile it with ease. All because he thought I wouldn't need a better laptop.

A year later, the laptop didn't break down since I was using it with care, but the fan broke leaving a nice toaster on the table every day. Since it is about 30°C outside every afternoon and the laptop can heat up to 70°C when building an app, I stopped writing code for half the year but regardless the laptop became hard to use since it would freeze up for no reason, so he did the same move, and the new laptop broke down December last year.
After seeing what was happening, he finally decided to listen. The new issue was the base price of the laptop I wanted shot up to GHS 10,000 - 20,000 and that was just getting the 2019 model this year is just fucked up because even if you were paid a lot, food costs would humble you and taxes would kill you, but he decided to buy it regardless. Fortunately, it took three random strangers in the university to convince him on why the laptop I preferred would be better since well there was a case of someone's laptop blowing up.

Now in Ghana if you don't have a university certification, you are not allowed to work, and the term part-time jobs don't apply here so you are basically extra cost but at least no taxes until you finally land a job and I get to stay at home till I actually get a job, so I need my parents to keep taking care of some costs till then.

This is just a fucked-up country especially for people willing to work to eat.

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    Your father's original choice of laptop was educational so you can favor performance of your programs!

    Just kidding, that fucking sucks, I wanted to study modern (shader-based) OpenGL for a while but couldn't run sample code in most modern tutorials because the integrated graphics in my laptop at the time only supported up to OpenGL 2.1.

    Hope you can be successful despite all the shit going against you. Cheers from across the pond.
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    The sweet point for me has been used or secondhand, gaming laptops. I have a secondhand Asus ROG as my main ws, and it cost me 2/3 what I paid for my Dell Inspiron (which had less RAM/CPU and frequent quality problems)
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    For heavy lifting, then use a desktop machine. Getting more performance for the money and easy to add fans and such.
    Cheap laptop that can be used to connect to that one.
    But it's always nice to have the power close to you when doing stuff, and reliability is important, so it's a cost vs. reward issue.
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