Therapy session #5
Subject: printers

I work in IT at this big company which consists of 4 office buildings
(one of them being 5 floors)
So, said company decides to replace all the printers with new ones. We're talking EVERY FUCKING PRINTER. IN TWO FUCKING DAYS!
And the best part? The other 3 members of the dept are occupied in testing new terminals for the production workers.
So here I am, trying to figure a way to make this happen in 2 days, when the new intern comes in.

New guy: Hey, I saw your assigned iTop ticket and thought I could help.

Me: Its fine man, I got it covered, thanks.

New guy: I'm telling you I got a pretty good idea.

Me thinking I can't escape this: Ok, shoot.

New guy: Go to HR and ask them a budget to buy and place just one huge switch in every building that will have
everything on it. (atm there is one switch at every floor.)


New guy: Pretty good idea huh?

Me: Oh, you mean you're serious?

New guy: Of course I'm serious! That's what you're supposed to do if you need a new piece of equipment so that the
company runs flawlessly.

Me: Ok, I'll consider it, thanks.

New guy:Don't be an idiot! What's to consider? It's a bulletproof plan.

At that point I brought up a 20 page document and hit print 40 copies of it.
Now, the new guy didn't know shit and being in a difficult period, the department leader put him on chore duty (picking up documents from the printer, answering telephones etc).

Me: Go fetch the papers, sort them out and deliver them to each department (A task I was gonna do myself cause I don't like abusing
others no matter if that's their job in the first place).

So with the new guy gone, I figured I just had to work overtime and started writing down IPs and witch printer answers in what department.
All was good and with about 2-3 more hours each day, I completed the task and we informed everyone that they could use their new printers.
And all hell broke loose. The one building that consists of 5 floors is the home of our beloved salesmen (the most arrogant, rude and know-it-all
assholes in all the company). Whoever installed the switches, when the building was given access to house workstations, mixed them up and i.e. the
first floor PCs were connected to the second floor switch. So, not knowing that, I connected the first floor printers to the first floor switch.....Aaaaand you got the general idea.
There was chaos. Papers mixed up, departments, not getting their orders. Complete chaos. And in the middle of it, me.

I was called in head of the department's office, yesterday after the completion of the task and the ruckus that followed it
and asked to explain my actions. The server/system admin (his brother) comes in and says it's his fault and that's the way it is since that building opened up (about 5 years now), so I'm in the clear (I didn't do anything wrong anyways but it was hard to prove it if he haven't spoken).

I just finished fixing the last one, and I'm ready to go home in one hour or so.
The new guy came at me half an hour ago and said that he will go to HR and report me for abusing his position and making him run everywhere with useless documents and say that I used bad language. Now he's delivering documents again. I didn't do it but I'm sure that when the new guy ran to the printer, I saw the system admin blinking.
It's nice to have the favour of the Admin.

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    Man your company has lots of egocentric jerks walking around. Maybe time to consider a new job?
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    @NeatNerdPrime I wish. I live in a small town in Greece where Dev jobs are close to zero (so what if I try to code on my free time?) and this job pays about 600€ which is ok for Greece nowdays (for someone without a degree) so I try to endure the toxic ones and make fun of them with the rest of the IT guys. That's our way to keep our minds :)
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    Doesn't a switch per building cause a single point of failure to form? I'm not sure that's the best idea to have a whole fucking building go down...
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    @paralegalseagul It couldn't be done anyway. Can you imagine the company funding 4 large enough switches that can hold one building each just because we got new printers?
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    @BillAfe I don't want to imagine. That's multimillion dollar equipment not to mention license fees. Good luck.
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    @paralegalseagul Oh the printer thing is done. Now we just wait for the next dumb thing they ask
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    Damn. Meanwhile I'm in an office with about 300 people, zero printers. I mean, why do you need anything on paper, if you can have it on screen.

    It's awesome.
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    Thumbs up! 👍👍
    Nice rant
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    Where in Greece do you live?
    And what is the salary like for a webdev in Greece?
    Is 600 the avarage rate ATM or is it higher is bigger cities?
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    @bittersweet I guess they need the orders on paper to accompany the products. I don't fucking know and I'm not asking those lunatics.
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    @Triskelion Near Thessaloniki, that's in the north part. I think it starts at 1200€ and can go as high as 2200 or something, I'm not 100% sure though
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    Meanwhile I am sitting here trying to figure out how did you get to post such a long text on only 233 ++s!!?
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    @codeRetard does it matter how many ++s someone has?
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    @BillAfe I was an early adopter of devRant and then stopped using it for a very long time due to projects and all. Back then the word count was very limited for people with lower ++s. Also for some reason your original post looked wordier than the actual number of words it is to me for some reason. Probably because I was very tired and sleepy. I have had 2 hours of sleep now and it seems everything is fine though! sorry for the silly question.
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