How can advertisers be confused like that ?

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    hahaha genius!
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    Seeing code-spew like that, it really makes you wonder what the process was (from inception to final approval) which resulted in that graphic.

    I really wanna know. How did they get there?
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    @Artemix That's only one of many things wrong. It's like one of those "count the things that don't belong" puzzles.

    Aside from all the code issues, the bizarre change of case mid-word (...THEY'll...) may be what bothers me the most.
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    I bet this comes from a LinkedIn recruiter / headhunter post 😎
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    bottom: 0;
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    Dude... What the fuck is this...
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    Marketing and sales loved it!! ❤️
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    "Oh no, it's retarded!"
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    My favorite bit is the <div;
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    The more you look the worse it gets.
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