my colleague just came over to my desk with a dead look in his eyes.
"There's over 100 if statements"
They've had him on powerapps all week.
Every line is typed by hand.
Every line.

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    Sweet jesus... A moment of silence for your colleague
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    Holy fuck this should be tagged nsfw like seriously what the hell
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    That could be one large switch though
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    Write him a script that produces the file from a list, it's mostly just duplication. Or abstract it if that's possible in the language.
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    The guy should seriously consider changing careers. I know that everyone can code but not everyone should, as we can see on attached picture
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    This screams bad code smells
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    He's genuinely one of the nicest guys I've ever worked with. While I have read good code by this guy before,
    I might offer a hand to see if I can help simplify it a bit with him tomorrow.
    (Really, you can't imagine how long it takes to load all those statements!)
    Thing is, he said each value is for a slider. There's multiple of these.
    It's all just for a fucking GUI.
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    @Electrocally Give that man some eyedrops!
    I've had to edit this.
    I don't know anything about powerapps can't you loop??
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    Same here!
    I've been reading documentation on powerapps for the past hour, they have a thing called ForAll you can use to loop. I'll try and help the guy with it tomorrow and if he wants my help, I'll let you all know if it catches fire.
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    @Electrocally good man, that's just mental otherwise... or write a script that can output the text!
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    @Electrocally they call it powerline for a reason, every line is a workout
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    I just did the dishes and this was all I could think about. The dev in question is or will soon be depressed if this is the kind of work done all day. Dealing with **** can be pragmatical, but sometimes we really have to take two steps back and ask why? ...
    Is this pain really necessary? I'd be considering a new job, that's for sure.

    Then again, easing the problem is quite doable with VIM macros, editor snippets, multiline cursors etc. Lots of ways to ease it. But I'll still stick to my automatic pre-compile script eight days a week.

    Rant rant :)
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    It's over 9000!
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    Copy&Paste for the win!
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