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    A while ago the company I'm working for had this independent designer on contract so I was assigned to set up his workstation. Brand new pc dual monitor Photoshop license gaming keyboard and mouse cause "the lights kept him focused". We're talking about a 2000€+ machine and tools. I don't know exactly what that wanted him to do as I didn't ask. Who cares. The best part is below.

    So I set up his things and all and make him a shortcut to the file server on his desktop. I then proceed to explain to him that this server has the files of every dpt in the company and told him where he could find his.
    His only response was when he asked "how about my internet access?"
    Me: everything except some "very certain sites"
    He: Eeeehh well I kinda need those. Just give me access, I won't tell anyone.
    Me: Sorry sir, I cannot do that company policy.
    He: I'm telling you I need the access, I'm not kidding.
    Me: Ok sir, if you really need it, open a ticket to the admin and if you explain your reasons I'm sure you will come to an agreement.
    He: That's bullshit kid, if you won't do it I'm gonna report you for denial of service and do it myself.
    Me just nodding and walking away: You do that sir.

    So ofc I went and informed the admin that this guy might pull something.

    Soon enough, a few weeks later the admin calls me over to his desk and points at the screen trying not to burst in laughter.
    The guy (designer) brought an HDD and filled his folder on the server with porn. We're talking about 200gb or something.
    When confronted he said something about severe anxiety and that porn was his way of calming down. Some guys told me my name came up in the VPs office but after the "evidence" nothing really happened except his contract getting terminated.

    I think we learned something that day. Don't jerk off in the office guys :)

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    He had the HDD, why the servercopy?
    And who would browse porn sites over a corporate network?
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    @CWins clearly there was something wrong with the guy. Maybe he thought no-one was looking.
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    He was an independent designer yet he had a workstation worth more than +2000€? That's some bullshit.

    Unless he has some mental disorder I fail to see how the gaming keyboard and mouse lights calm him down when you're staring at the monitor all the time. I have a gaming mouse at my workstation, it flashes like a rainbow and I don't give a shit about that. I have it because it fits my hand and suits for long term use.

    That designer needs therapy if he thinks having porn in the office computer is an acceptable method to calm down his anxiety.
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    The porn is the cause of his anxiety but he is too addicted to realize that
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    a dual monitor Photoshop license ? :P
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    @Raghnaid Couldn't agree more. Clearly he had issues but as I saw it the company hired him cause he "is the best in town". I mostly believe that aside of his problems he is an arrogant sob of a bitch and he wanted that equipment just cause.
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    @SHA-256 there should be a comma there... Hmmmmmm
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    The other day I was listening to The system of down, and I wanted to just "verify" some lyrics (english is not my first language). It was at work, and I already was ready to just type the name of the song. So I looked at my playlist, for the name... I decided not to look for it, the name was "violent pornography", but good song tho
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    @anicka-burova great song. Good call not searching!
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    @BillAfe Note to self: be an arrogant snob and you'll get hired and get the best equipment available.
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