How did my day go?
1. This morning I started fixing xamarin “not generating resource file bug”, after a bit I fixed it and then I noticed that it got generated BUT not added to the project (WHY VS?!?!?!? WHY!?!?)
2. Then I went to office - notice that I fixed a wrong branch (Thats what happends when you dont drink your morning coffe)
3. Trying to update branch......
4. Notice similar bug but file gets generated AND added to the project BUT it its not found (WHY VS?!?!?!? WHY!?!?)

(As of right now - everything is fixed, I kinda got used to it by now.... I think Im not too far from "Senior VS Debuger"

Anyways, do any of you got any contacts at MS VS/Xamarin department so i could get lots of bugs noticed? Im sure that i would be a great contributor since Im working on massive project and have to deal with it every fucking single day.....

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    One more reason why I need to stay away from such solutions and always go native. Although Xamarin does save lots of time, guess that's the price we pay
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    @gitpush well, before me there were 3 senior devs, they calculated that to rewrite it to native till it has main functionality would take around 6months.....
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    @No-one damn, that's too much :S
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