I once got hit by a car on my bike on my way to work, then was fired by my boss for being late.

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    Maybe he was the driver and this whole thing was a excuse to fire you.
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    No way? Seriously? What a jerk!
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    I'm pretty sure you can sue the company if that actually is the reason.

    I had a different case, I got hit by a car on my bike on the way to work and all bloody on the sidewalk idiot me was reaching for my phone to call the boss and tell him I'm waiting for an ambulance after getting hit by a car so I'll be late to work. I'm an idiot. :)
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    I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and unwillingly went to the office. The boss was a jerk, an abusive asshole. He always yelled at the team mates and I don't know what had gotten into him, he chose me that day to vent his anger! The worst day ever. I absconded. The only regret - I should have written an abusive email keeping everyone in the cc!
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    When the ambulance came I actually refused treatment, and walked the rest of the way in. Bleeding, concussed, limping. Just to get canned. I probably could have sued but a poor college student doesnt have the funds for that so I just cut my losses.
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    @mtverlee dude, you can probably still sue... I assume this happened in the states? If so, just stop by an lawyers office that does free initial consultation.
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    @brettmoan Yes, in the states. :)
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    @jAsE I realize that now but back then I was just focused on work haha.
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    Depend on your country, probably you can sue them. Bosses aren't kings and they can't decide to fire people as they desire. If you life in Europe or in a Western country, pretty sure you win without problems
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    @GodHatesMe You would still be out of a job. Unless of course you are a dark sith lord
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