TL;DR: Got a really horrible supervisor temporarily fired, maybe permanently fired, got a laptop, and realized that senior devs are amazing when they stand up for the little guys

Omg... I love my coworkers!!! So like, I'm an incredibly shy dev, like, I only managed to get my internship purely because of my familiarity with c#, Android/UWP app development (although never apple, which you can read about in my last rant lol), and the API Management framework that they were using, so, long stories short, I'm insanely shy and I get anxious quite quickly in social situations, that'll be important in a bit. Anyways​, so, in my previous rant (my first one actually, it was "that" bad...) I had a run-in with a rather unfair supervisor situation where he expected me to work on an iOS app without a Mac machine.
So, this is currently a little bit before my shift end, where I'm anxiously trying to get a MacOS VM up and running to be able to copy paste some psudo-code so as not to get in trouble, which is when the senior dev of the team walks by and sees me tearing hair out of my head and being really sad. So what does this god amongst men do?
He comes over and asks me what I'm doing.

Now, I didn't actually notice him, so when he asked me, I was insanely jumpy and scared that my supervisor would appear and be mad at me for not having things done, so I kind of half scream half yelp when he says something, so now he knows somethings up and he acts kind of like I'm an injured deer and slowly asks what's going on.
So, of course I tell him everything that had happened and how the supervisor got really mad about me not being able to develop iOS apps due to not having a Mac, and his expectation of me to get it magically working and getting to work on my module, and the selenium portal automatization, and after a couple seconds of me rapid fire nervous squirrel-like explanation, he holds up a hand and says "He what?!!!!? God dammit, how the hell are you supposed to do that? Jesus, you were supposed to get a company laptop when you got here, where's that??? And if you don't have that then how the hell were you working on the cross platform portion? You need a Mac machine for that, so let me get this straight... You've been frantically trying to find a workaround so that AS (let's call him AS for asshat supervisor (missing an s)) doesn't get mad at you... Who the hell... And this fuckers in charge of the interns??"

He was incredibly pissed off at this point, like, REALLY pissed off... But-

This man had just spoken miracles to me.




So I do what any self respecting intern would do, I start cry laughing and hug said BSD for a quick second (badass senior developer), and I say yep, pretty much ;-;.

And queue AS walking into my workspace and saying
AS- "are you done with the iOS a..."

BSD- "You've got to be kidding me, shut up for a second and sit down"

AS- "?" *Sits*

Me- *hides in corner and cinches up hoodie*

BSD- "Excuse me, but what did you ask benlion to do?"

AS- "Um, I simply told him to start working on the Xamarin app"

BSD- "Yes, but according to benlion, you angrily told him to start working on the Mac portion... Let me ask you something first, why would you do that? It's rude and inappropriate to be hostile to anyone at the workplace, in fact, if he wants to pursue to matter, you can get demoted, actually, if he wants to pursue it, you're fired, and there's no way I'm letting you get a management job again"

AS -"Wow, did benlion really say that? He's obviously lying due to his dislike for me, BSD, it's rather unfair to take his word over his superv..."

BSD-"Oh you did NOT just go there. That's it, stay here. And benlion, come with me." *Points at me*

Me- *Terrified out of my mind, almost to the point of a nervous breakdown because of the argument that I had started* "O-okay o_O"

Long stories short, we come back with his supervisor and he is now relieved of his duties temporarily while this whole thing gets settled...

Oh, and I get my Apple Laptop tomorrow ^-^ so I'm really happy, albeit kind of sad that its my fault that AS doesn't have a job right now ;-;, but he did yell at me and expect incredibly impossible things of me, so, not as bad as I might feel.

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    I felt the panic attacks through that. For your own health, please breathe...
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    @QueenMorgana So... Many... I have no words xD, like, Imagine two people, one is raising his voice at someone who was previously yelling at me, and the other is calling me a liar, as well as trying to make me seem like I'm not trustworthy, which makes the first one very mad, and calls over a higher up to deal with the one that was yelling at me, all because of me... And I'm being dragged around everywhere, being asked what's going on by my bosses bosses... And keep in mind that I have trouble talking to anything alive other than animals under the BEST of circumstances. Holy... It was such a shit fest, all because of me, and I was actually having mini panic attacks whenever someone pointed at me and asked me to come/explain stuff... My god... my poor intern heart ;-;
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    @benlion12 from experience, you can do this. You are going to learn a lot, especially about yourself, from this.
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    @QueenMorgana thanks!! I hope so lol, hopefully itll help me with social situations :)
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    Holy shit, this is awesome. That senior dev is 100% right. Nobody has the right to speak to you like that let alone treat you in such a shitty way.

    Try to remember that right now, these hs aren't doing you a favour but making sure that you're being treated correctly. You deserve to be in a healthy, happy learning environment where you gain knowledge, experience and enjoy yourself.

    Stick with this. That asshat deserves to be fired, don't shy away from persueig this to its end.

    You're awesome. Enjoy work tomorrow!
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    AS deserved it :)
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    @conor-figgy why thank you!! Im really excited to come in to work tmw b/c it's gonna be a lot nicer without AS managing the selenium portion (my stuffs) ^-^, and thank you for the words xP (this is what I mean when I say I suck at peopling) , have a ++ and a nice day lol
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    @Codex404 He most definitely did, but the nice part of me feels bad tbh /shrug
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    Kudos to the senior dev who assessed the situation and acted on your behalf!
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    @blancobloc yeah, he's amazing, but he's got a lot to do, so it was just like, (insert another word for amazing) that he took the time out of his day today to come and help me out ^-^
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    Clearly someone lost track of what it means to "supervise" and confused it with "boss" when you really someone to "lead"
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    @benlion12 been there done that almost, had to work on xamarin iOS app on a VM with a host of 2gb ram...I did almost head a breakdown...
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    @luper exactly! ;)
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    Is it possible to cringe in delight? Because I think I'm doing that. Amazing!
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    @benlion12 like guys before said, you r senior dev did just the right thing. You arent supposed to be mistreated, made fun of, mocked or be object of jokes. Unless you agree to (that might be a sign of friendship, me and my friend often joke at each other, we can be little rude for each other, but we're ok with this.No one above you should do this at you, unless youre honest friends).
    But be careful.Your SD is ready to make hard decisions really quick, without hesitation. Criticism against your SV and demotion/firing him shouldn't be done in front of you. And shouldn't be up to you.That's bad too.

    For what I think, you need to gain lots of self esteem really quick and be really good at what you do if you want to stay out that company. One wrong, false move and this might happen to you, remember that.

    Don't be shy. It's ok to make mistakes, it's shame not to learn from them. It's fine to ask people for help/advice. Trust me, I'm a senior too. Although I don't manage ppl. I hate it ;-)
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    @mt3o telling people to not be shy doesnt work. If it eould nobody would be shy.

    But you can overcome it overtime when you are conscious enough to know that you know things.
    And you dont need to know things if you can bluff yourself through it.

    I was shy in the past but im all like "I dont mind what other people think about me"
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    Don't feel bad if he loses his job. It's not your fault and you can't take the blame. He's probably pulled this before. You can't take the blame for the mistakes of others.
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    Alright Bambi
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    That was cute and terrible at the same time
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    You know, tech companies are a different sort of place of work. Our jobs are hard enough without the extra tension of screaming and yelling. In fact, if every Dev started to scream an yell when they had a problem the whole place would be a mad house. So in stead we help each other, we talk to each other and we try to solve problems together. So that manager of yours either didn't get the memo or he didn't bother reading it. Either way - that's his problem and not yours. Kudos to BSD for being awesome till the very end.
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    @Codex404 yeah, I is that doesn't help or change anything. I've done that, I've been there. If I had to provide solution that works for me, I'd to go to shrink. But last time I suggested that, here on devRant, all hell broke loose ;-)
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    He handled it nicely.
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    You even tried to set up a VM as a replacement, wow. You sure are dedicated!
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    @benlion12 I had same problem. Consult a doctor. Propranolol works for me.
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