I have to explain how the Apple app and the Google play store are the same thing for different platforms to 2 Apple fanboys.

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    Wait... So...they thought the App Store and Google Play store were like different? Holy shit how's it possible to be so incompetent.
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    Incompetence of fanboys.
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    A few months back i met one apple fanboy who said that steve jobs is the CEO of Apple. When i said that he died in 2011 he said that i was lying. I had to google it and show it to him.
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    Oh yes, Apple fanboys are brainwashed...

    Me: Oh, you have a tablet computer as well?
    Fanboy: That's not a tablet, that's an iPad!

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    @ddephor Or what about when they say that all products not made by Apple are shit and that everyone must own a Apple product?

    Fan boys are my favorite type of people...
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    @ddephor and when they deny evidence of Apple products being overpriced/shit/etc
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    @ddephor Had the same!
    "So what smartphone are you using?"
    "I don't use a smartphone, I use an iPhone"
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    @phexter I'm not saying that Apple products should be removed from the planet, in saying if you have a opinion don't shove it down my throat and try to force it on people.

    Also, I'm not saying that Apple products are bad or that people's opinions are 'wrong', if you like the user friendly-ness or Apple as a company that's completely fine.

    Yes I know I complained about Apple's pricing and there products etc, but to be honest does it really matter what I think? ;p
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    @Tytanium Also x2: I'm mainly talking about how the idea of having an Apple product makes you better than others.

    (To be honest I need to work on how I word stuff)
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