Despite the journey, the perril, the worst postal service in the world(never try to mail something from Romania!) the swagness has arrived!
Thank you!

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    Oh, look! A fellow romanian!
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    I know my aunt and uncle lived in lasi and sent us a card two years ago when we moved house in the UK it arrived with us 3 months ago
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    Hello there, fellow Romanians!
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    How do you request stickers?
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    Hello from Romania :)

    Nice stickers you have there! :p
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    @xsacha when you get a rant that has over 50 ++ you can sent a request from the app.
    You can find detalis under More -> Swag.
    Good luck!
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    Also i would like to give a shout out to my romanian brethren:

    Salut fratilor!😁
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    Thanks for the warning. I'm unlucky with postal services recently too. My packages always get delayed. Even though I use https://postcodefinder.net/ to find addresses and postcodes (the information about them is correct). That's why it's strange. No reason for delays.
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