Just got fired from the worst place I have ever worked :D

Couldn't be happier.

Let the job seeking begin!

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    Wish you more luck with the next place
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    Couldn't you have resigned? Why did you wait?
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    I was waiting for something else to show up. Brazil is in a crisis it's hard to find a job right now.
    My intention was to leave them, but I have yet to pay for school and my rent.
    It was my first dev job.

    I'm currently waiting for a few responses from some employers. Let's see what happens.
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    In some countries you are eligible an unemployment check for several months when you are fired by your employer, but not when you spontaneously resign.
    Don't know whether this is the case though
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    @Balzy in Brazil there is a unemployment safety card that pays you for a few months after you've been fired. You don't get it if you leave because you wanted.

    But I'm not eligible to get this because one must be working for 12 months straight. I've been only for 5
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    Lol. Same happened to me 5 weeks ago - with 6 weeks fully paid vacation, so one week to go until I am officially unemployed and i've never been so happy in my life.
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    Now I'm working at the best place I've ever worked.
    I had two different jobs after the one I mentioned.
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