I really love coding, like a lot. I code a lot of Web related stuff at work and I also learned a tiny bit about Java. But the problem is I only code at work. I never feel like coding at home just because I dont know what to code. I would love to start coding more at home, for fun obciously. Any suggestions?

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    Maybe you could find an open source project you like and try contributing? That could be a great learning experience.

    Or if you could try building some automation for your house. I feel like having your programs do stuff in the physical realm very rewarding, but these projects can get expensive and time consuming.

    My main advice would be that if you take a liking to a project, commit to it, and try your best to only leave it aside once you're satisfied with its state. If your first try reaches a dead end, learn from it and try again :)
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    @CptFox thank you! :)
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    A friend of mine is the same. It's not the problem that she doesn't like coding just that she prefers to do something else in free time. I don't think this is a bad thing.
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