Hi guys, I have a serious question for everyone. I spend more time than I'd like having to either fix, update or change already running legacy sites/apps and because I didn't make or design them it can be difficult to say the least.

As they're already running, I can't take them offline to make any changes. What is the best way of making sure that every change goes properly, displays well and works immediately?

(At the minute I'm working on two Django Web apps and a Laravel site).

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    You seriously need duplicate environments for dev and test.
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    @TerriToniAX I thankfully have them but they have to remain completely unconnected.

    The main issue is not being able to push easily as one of the sites is a series of templates that serve 8 sites for subsidiaries of the same company which aren't getting the update so piecing it together is a nightmare.
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    @Charon92 Ooh...:[ My sentiments.
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