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Maybe a very long time ago I posted something similar to this, but I cant check all the rants on web version and my phone is broken so, here it is.

I've recently found website "goLance" and my idea to try to make some money through freelance websites began again. I started googling opinions on that site and just somehow ended up looking at guru, upwork, freelancer and fiverr too. Found out that freelancer and fiverr are hated, upwork is kinda in the middle and there are not many reviews on goLance and guru. So anyone here working through one of these sites? I don't have to make big amount of money. I just think it would be great to finally start "working" a bit and put my knowledge into something real. Also I am slowly being pressured by my surroundings, since most of my friends already have some part-time jobs. Of course I can go to McDonalds but you get the point. It would be bonus if I could earn money by doing something I like.

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    Fiverr is great if you have some ready-made software to sell. Just don't expect any real support.

    Upwork is the singlemost shoddily enacted, liberty taking, poorly designed platform I've ever used. Five times in as many months, they asked me to confirm my identity via video chat. Four times I referred them to the first occasion. Every month I had issues getting what I was owed from them. They still owe me £8k.

    PeoplePerHour got me the best results. Its a far simpler platform and it doesn't take an age to get started. I had no issues whatsoever getting what I was owed from them.

    However, freelancing will never make you a living. You're far better off building some software of your own and licensing it. Build a SaaS platform, and generate yourself a monthly income.
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