Hate it when people use Python in Windows ..

Hate it even more when they come to me for help.

Just install f***ing Ubuntu already. I mean if they're using Python, why not do it in Linux ..

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    I totally agree, why use python?
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    I totally agree, why use apple?
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    What's wrong with python on windows?
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    @CoffeeAndHate It's just more convenient in Linux as most distros have python pre-installed.

    Also, python fits in more 'naturally' into the linux system. Additional packages are obtainable without a 'hassle' using pip or the default package-manager.

    If you ever need to cook up a quick test case in Linux, you just open terminal, editor, type code, save, run.
    On Windows though. It's not this fast. Also, most Windows Python users tend to use an IDE which is not the way to write fast code.

    Anyway, its just what I think ..
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    Hate it when people use programming languages, what's wrong with good old fashioned binary anyway
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    why would you use ubuntu when you can use like... an actual linux?
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    @PaddiM8 and some people like windows, point taken, right?
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    You're discussing how a duck would Fuck a whale...

    OP, you should have added #firstworldproblems
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    The only reason I haven't fully switched from Windows to Ubuntu is that my immense library of Steam games is mostly Windows only. But hey that's what VirtualBox is for right
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    This is the most stupid comment section I have read in a long time.
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    @BindView I get it. I'm just saying that you will find it convenient to work in Linux if you use Python and a lot of additional python packages. @evilmupp3t
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    But you can say the same of any other language that it has a lot more other features in linux than it has on windows. And you can prototype them the same as fast using the terminal.
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    Let people enjoy life
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