5:30pm.... and not by my own will.... I got a feeling that I need to start going to bed earlier :(

Past week was REALLY busy BUT today is the day... day of glory! I just pushed LessonScheduler update!!!!

@CptPie - Now you are able to set location of class and MOST OF german translation is in place already (not all of it. @Paramite, could you?)

@Wallpaper - now it is more then flexible enough to set lunch

@filthyranter - "alternating weeks" - now you can have as many schedules as you want (In other words: now it supports it)

@ELCapitan - most of german translations are in

@GodHatesMe - circles are bit bigger now

Could you guys report if any bugs comes up?

Further plans:
Tomorrow planing to improve UI/UX and hopefully improve translations.
And somewhat soon add simple way to set Homeworks of some lesson

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    On, and one more question: should it have some default templates?
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    @No-one yee that would be cool. Also hi long time no see
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    @programmingTrtl ye... im quite busy these days, i dont really have time for devRant

    Tho, if anyone wants to join my/thmnmlst/daemonAD/few other cunts discord server -> https://discord.gg/RNWPr9Q
    (programmingTrtl, ill be waiting for you !!!! ya better join it :D )
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    @No-one ok I will :p when I get home cuz I'm in vegas right now. :( when I get home I will 100% join it
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    @programmingTrtl dang it, you were supposed to refuse it :D
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    @Artemix Why code? its nothing special...

    "Also, do you release built APKs for us non-google android users ?" - so you could install it without play store?
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    @Artemix http://withoutcaps.com/lsnsch.apk
    <insert wink face emoji>
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    Let me know if you need some French translations bruh :)
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    It was extremely fast to set up. I have used it for a week now and my only complaint is that it's not easy to get a clear picture of the schedule, for example, the not any class is just blank and looks weird, the time for the classes can't be just understood by a single glance because the serial numbers take the centre stage, and don't make much sense, at least to me . Moreover sometimes when switching from Monday to Friday, the UI doesn't update and shows Monday.
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    @rsrj how would you like for it to be changed?

    @Piwaye I got a French friend, I'll push an update today which will have more complete translations
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    Just pushed release, couldn't catch any Germans thus for German translations I had to use google translate... And we all know how amazing it is.....
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