They wouldn't allow me to use Entity Framework at the company where I did my internship because they couldn't see the raw sql queries written in the code.
I tried explaining it and they kept saying I couldn't use it as it's not how they do things.

Also one time my last boss wanted to switch my 22'' screen for a 13'' one because the layout was breaking on the users screens. He wanted me to resize the browser to a 13 inches screen size while the 13 inches screen didn't arrive. He kept POKING MY FUCKING BACK insisting I'd change the browser size, but I was writing backend code and not even looking at the browser...

I've been pissed many fucking times, but those two were the shit. This last occurrence was in a stupid workplace that I'll now have to always remember as being my first dev job.

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    He wanted you to develop on a 13" screen!?
    That's just sad
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