Dear Dev Rant: We would like you to consider assisting in adding .t3d (an ascii 3d format from 1997) as a loadable format for our Quake1 fork. We got the vertex info loaded in the changes we made. Got burnt out though. (Opensource project) Since we recently did other map formats.

We added Wolfenstine:Enemy Territory BSP loading allready, that took a month.

Also we now support map obj exports from both minetest and bzflag. And 3rd party *craft obj probably work too if you port over the textures.

Right now the supported mapping programs are:
1) *Radiant (bsp)
2) Blender (obj_from_mc)
3) minetest *
4) bzflag *

And the supported map formats are
Quake1, Quake3, Wolfenstine:EnemyTerritory, obj_from_mc(minetest and arbitrary obj), obj_from_bz(bzflag)

* means it supports the exported format but not the internal format of the editor/game

We gathered some info on the .t3d format including working opensource code for other projects: sourceforge(dot)net/p/chaosesqueanthology/discussion/general/thread/72c4ff80c1/
The source code to our engine is here: sourceforge(dot)net/p/chaosesqueanthology/discussion/general/thread/72c4ff80c1/fcdf/attachment/darkplaces_workingon_aug19_2023.zip

However if one doesn't like zip files our project is here: sourceforge(dot)net/projects/chaosesqueanthology/

It contains 6gb of opensource media, music, textures, and over 100 maps to explore and enjoy. The game also has over 200 weapons, all opensource, 50 spells, 30 vehicles (60 if you include the ones not in the menu), and procedural map making routines: such that one can create forests of columns or cities with directives (think autocad arrays).

We would like to continue to support more mapping and 3d formats, and .t3d is a text based format that is exportable by a number of beloved mapping tools. It is also fairly simple: just giving the vertex information and weather a piece is additive or subtractive (ie which way the normals are pointing), and the texture name etc.
Our approach was to adapt the OBJ loading code in the file model_brush.c:
> sourceforge(dot)net/p/chaosesqueanthology/discussion/general/thread/72c4ff80c1/f936/attachment/model_brush.c
> sourceforge(dot)net/p/chaosesqueanthology/discussion/general/thread/72c4ff80c1/f936/attachment/model_shared.c
> sourceforge(dot)net/p/chaosesqueanthology/discussion/general/thread/72c4ff80c1/f936/attachment/model_shared.h

We added a new function to experiment with the format at the bottom of that file: void T3d_Attempt_Which_will_Mod_OBJ_Load(dp_model_t mod, void buffer, void *bufferend)

But once we had the vertex info loaded and printing, we got burnt out (remeber: we just did some other formats from 2 other games)

We need help.
All we are getting is seething because we criticized Mac's memcpy changes.
No help :(

Please dev rant.
Please be like the old opensource of 1999 and 2000 and 2001.
We could add, block by block, these simple but beloved formats.
Infact we opened up this game to 600 or so maps by implementing the Wolfenstine:Enemy Territory bsp map format last year. And this year to all of sketchfab with the obj_from_mc addition. There's alot of CC-BY etc maps on sketchfab.

.t3d would allow one to export from unrealed; something we and others have old original works in. But old is not bad. Old is good. Old is known. Old is RIGHT. So help us make old new: so old may be WRONG (you like wrong) and RIGHT at the same time.

Be a frien.

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