Why is it that people not in development seem to assume that we have infinite hours to get everything done?

I'm so fucking sick of being given 5,000,000,000 tasks and a day to do them in and when they're not done (even after saying there's no way they'll get done), I'm the one who gets it in the neck.

Fucking management bullshit. I can't be fucking project manager for 5 fucking projects as well as lead developer for them all AND manage office shit AND handle all the fucking tech shit in the office AND keep track of what every fucking other person is doing/wants!

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    @ThatDude it's honestly the most fucking infuriating thing in the world. I just can't take it anymore, I'm so fed up of explaining to people that I am far too busy to deal with the never-ending flood of minutia that spouts for everyone.

    If people want a project manager, get one. I am a developer. Not a manager.
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    @GodHatesMe oh how I wish I could. I am one of three developers in a marketing agency. I also happen to be the only person who can design (somehow nobody else can design shit) and they come to me for EVERYTHING. Yet when it doesn't go right, even if I can't actually help (fixing everyone's Mac's has become my latest job even though I don't like or use Mac's) it will somehow be much fault that it's broken.

    It's so fucking infuriating.
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    When they tell you to do irrelevent stuff like fixing computers tell them that you don't know how to do it. Also, don't they understand that their products would look a lot better if they got a real designer (I'm assuming you just know basic design stuff)
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    There is a running joke in my small company, the "IT" (as in internal support, not devs), because some marketers ask our head of IT on the phone from time to time.

    We don't have that. We have developers, but no IT. Any internal help for printers/computers/whatnot is purely goodwill, and not part of our job.

    Now a lot of questions can be answered with "I don't know". "Can you fix the printer?" "I don't know the printer better than you.". "How does that thing work on Office?" "I don't even have Office installed, sorry".
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    @Fradow See I'd love to be able to do that, but my boss is a perfectionist to the point of insanity.

    I am a junior dev, by every conceivable measure, yet I'm expected to work as a senior developer. I relish a challenge but no amount of hardwork can make up years of experience. I have been developing for just shy of two years and I'm expected to do literally everything. Every aspect of design, development and deployment. It's been great to learn but, after a while, I can only do so much.
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    Being a perfectionist has nothing to do with having unreasonable demands. You can only do so much.

    If you want to change that, start by either saying "no" or explaining what it entails (you missing deadlines on other stuff).

    To properly explains what it entails, you need to first be able to know what exactly you are doing, and how much time each take: start by logging time.

    At some point you'll be data to show. I did exactly that: "see, half of my time is spent NOT doing dev, for work you could pay someone the minimum wage to do. Do you really want me to do that instead of high-value work?"

    I no longer do customer support, anything to do with logistics and I only cover project management when we have no one available.
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    Management is like a diaper for a reason. Their always on your ass and there full of shit.
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    Correction: people in management and marketing. God. Damn. Marketing.
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    @datawraith Marketing is a fucking balloon full of shit. It just keeps filling up until it pops and puts it all back on them. (AKA when they lie to the point that eventually someone catches it and causes the company to get bad PR and lose a shit ton of money)
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    hey man, maybe it's time to change jobs? you shouldn't take so much bullshit on daily basis. There's no special prize for enduring this. Take care of your physical and mental health, find a job where you won't be stressed so much. Probably don't want to see yourself in 10 with a heart failure? This shit happens.
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    @jsframework9000 unfortunately I'm actually pretty good at design. I spent my teen years playing around with Photoshop and illustrator. And not one marketer here knows how to do any design.
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