Follow up.
Did the only sensible thing IMO and installed a Linux VM on that thing.

In case you don't know what this is about. Essentially at the hotel I'm staying at they have put iMacs in every room as a TV replacement. And some of them run an OSX version from 2011! That means there a quite a lot of known remote execution bugs known for these devices. You can't update them either because they reset after each reboot. Because I was sick of using Firefox 6 for watching videos I installed xubuntu on that thing. (God knows why the admin passwort is blank)

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    Admin password blank?
    Hmm... well u did say it reset every reboot?
    I think that would do it 😅 could be wrong though 😅😅

    But glad u got it working! 2011 MacOS is atrocious 😨😨
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    Change admin pass! That will teach their IT some sense of security :)
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    @sinisas User settings are restricted (through the UI) but using iTerm and a CVE from 2013 implemented in Python I got a root terminal. I just need to figure out how to elevate the account to be a system admin. I don't fully understand their reset mechanism but it seems to affect system files as well. Don't know where the original image is saved.
    I'm a Linux guy and am not very experienced with Macs.
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