After years of avoiding contributing to open source because I'm a wuss I think it's about time I get serious about it. Does anyone have any recommendations for beginner friendly repos? And maybe a good Git tutorial?... *shame*

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    Oh, that's a good question; i'll follow this :)
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    I personally also just started contributing to open source.

    I used git-it as an introduction: https://github.com/jlord/...

    What's maybe interesting for you is the Hacktoberfest: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/...
    There are many recommendations on their site on how to get started and also there are 4 days left to make four pull request and you will get a free t-shirt as a motivation.

    I made my first contributions because of it and everyone was very supportive and helped me with my limited knowledge of git.
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    @Steve2955 Thanks, take my ++! And welcome to devRant, we're an awesome community.
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    Take any utility, program, or library you use. Remember that tiny little thing that has been nagging you about it? Grab it and fix it!
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