I really want to know this:
- If you're a student, how many hours do you spend on studying for university in a week?
- If you're already working, how many hours do you work in a week?

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    As a student you normally spend 2 to 3 hrs learning but if u got projects you would normally spend 5 to 10 hrs depending on how many projects you have and how difficult the tasks are..

    As a worker you normally spend 8 hrs of work but if this is something critical and needs to be done soon overtime or overnight should be something you would consider..
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    I am a freelance web and app developer I work daily like about 3-4 hours in the evening/night, day time I'll be at college and weekends for my side projects or any projects related to college.
    And yes I do study the day before the exam or a night before the exam.
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    Out of school time? Like 1 hour per week :P
    (I use free lessons to study.. only..)
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    I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I cannot be called to work from home unless it has been communicated during workhours. When I work overtime I can come in later the next day.
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    I'm studying. There is one whole day I spend in school, starting to look for some normal job.
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    Work every day. Never learn or come to class except for handing in assignments and writing tests. All because my curriculum is quite simple for me. Still top of my class.
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