A continuation to @n3xus's post.

My only Chinese reseller / eBay experience is getting these two arduinos for about $3.50 CAD . Worth it. And only slightly scared of them catching on fire.

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    What I still struggle with is how they manage to sell them for that low without shipping costs. Ok, it takes them a month or so to arrive but that still can't be that cheap
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    @xenira postal technical, china is still labled as developing nation. That's why the recieving nations post service is loosing money when it's getting a package from china.

    The Chinese ecomy is heavily export oriented, so it's politicly wanted that export costs are low.

    Then there are enough desperate chinese from the country side who work for less than $300 a month and soldering parts on a pcb board isn't that hard to learn. So i think such a board costs less than 30 cents to manufacture. So there is a profit.
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    They are great!
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    *offtopic* what laptop is this?
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    Which Arduino is this?
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    @dontPanic acer Chromebook r11 bilingual (French/English) edition
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    @ocalderon either the pro mini or pro micro... I have both. I can't remember which one is which. This is the one with a HID chip tho.
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    @heyheni Arduino clones are popular enough to be machine assembled in large batches, but yeah, they do handmade stuff for cheap as well. I've gotten custom etched, drilled & soldered boards for <€50 as well from Chinese vendors. I used to do it myself, but for that price I can't even buy the chemicals and components here.

    Quality is usually fine. I have used hundreds in my house and the lab where I worked, sometimes one is defect on arrival, but not a single one has caught fire or even malfunctioned during operation. Apart from higher voltage experiments where only I was too blame.
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    I'd be willing to work for $200/mo x.x
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