I don't know how things are outside Brazil, but I do wish I could pay for portuguese lessons for some of my clients, and also a bit of english too.

Reading their messages or e-mails just gives me head cramps, I tell ya.

I do make errors once in a while, but god damnit ALL their messages are trainwrecks!

Also, they want to use some jargons in english (because they think it sounds cooler, and I do agree that sometimes it's shorter and easier), but first they should put their efforts into a better use of portuguese language.

Really, I don't even know how some of them got past university, but they DID it, and it pains me to see that.

Though the pain isn't bigger than being told "hey, I don't understand much, but that's easy for you, right?" for whatever task they want me to do.

I'm sorry.

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