Hi all - mind if I get some advice?

Are coworking spaces worth it? I currently work from home but I'd like the opportunity to network, get out of the house more and build a better work-life separation. The options I'm looking at are in the region of £200-£250 in the city centre (Manchester, UK), which is easily within my budget.

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    @g-m-f a coworking space with 300 people? Does something like this exist?
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    Careful, there will be some twat who wants to talk all day, so you’ll be spending 300 quid to get fuck all done.
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    @g-m-f ah alright, understood.
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    @JeniEm my advice is to avoid it at all costs if you're a developer. You'll either sprawl out on the desk with loads of kit that you have to lug around with you all the time, or confine yourself to a tiny laptop screen that will limit your productivity. Where the latter applies, you might as well just sit in a coffee shop.

    If you truly need a separate working space, think about getting a small office of your own. It doesn't need to be big and fancy, you just need to be able to fit a desk in there. I know Newcastle is no real comparison, but I'm looking at office space that will cost me £120 a month. Its not big or glamorous, but I have internet and power and enough space for a kettle and a micro fridge too.
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    Quite surprised by the numbers you're quoting. I would have thought Manchester is far more expensive. I guess if the space has good access like parking and nearby places to eat etc. It would give incentives for people to work out of home. My main problem with working in places is parking and ease of access to daily needs, that's the main reason I tend to prefer remote jobs because all these constraints are often not met.
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    Don't recommend, but it's okay to drop in once a week. There's no benefit in having to go into my office other than be annoyed at business people talking loud and getting up early.
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    I thought this was done in Starbucks or something? Just go sit there... there may be someone who gets interested looking at ur work 🤔
    Just a thought 🤗
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    @Wallpaper @Electrux the premise behind it is getting into the right headspace. It can be incredibly hard to concentrate at home, doubly so where one works in an environment fraught with distraction, like us as developers. Having a space dedicated to work is quite important, but being a developer comes with its own set of caveats, which is why a coffee shop isn't always the best place to try and work.
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    @monr0e ok then 🤗 I hope u get the environment u desire 😁😁
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    Thanks for your input :-)

    I've run the maths, to justify the cost (presuming a higher £250/month subscription and £100/month commuting cost), it would need to add £17/day value for me. If I'm just 30 mins a day more productive then it pays for itself - which I think it could easily do (I'm significantly more productive around people)

    It would add 90 minutes a day commute - 45 mins in the morning doesn't matter to me since that is 'dead time' - I can't just wake up and start working, usually takes a couple of hours to get going. Being already in the city in the evening has potential to re-ignite my social life.

    Then there are the mental health benefits, which can't be measured in £. As someone who does have MH issues, I think this alone might justify the cost.

    Presuming it all works out at least!
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