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A shell 🐚

I think it would be quite fun to make a shell. The syntax would probably be a bit like fish (clean, better than bash). That’s all I’ve really thought about yet. We’ll use GitHub to host the project, maybe using a Gitter room to talk. Anyone? You can even just do a tiny commit if you want :)
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    @IllSlapU why?
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    @IllSlapU oh, I definitely agree that C would be better - but, I prefer Go’s higher level features

    I’m actually thinking of getting better at C, so this might be a good way of doing that actually
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    How about this: Write a compiler for a language we invent. But that compiler compiles into brainfuck. Now we write a shell in said invented language. Compile. Self written shell in brainfuck.
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    @Kimmax also write a compiler for invented language in the same language. Whop. First standalone language bootstraped from brainfuck
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    @Kimmax uh.. no πŸ˜‚
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    @zacg uh.. FUCK YES! :D
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    I'll follow along. Just for learning.
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    I'd be up for it :) Any way to contact you?
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    @iNeed28hPerDay cool! My email is me@zacgarby.co.uk
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    I'm interested in the project, post the GitHub link when ready
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    @byte I’ve made an org, but not the repo yet. We decided on the name new.sh https://github.com/new-sh

    There’s also a gitter room called shell-collab (I think)
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    @zacg I'll definitely take a look and join the gitter room
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    @zacg i misread that as glitter room, and now im sad you dont have one 😞
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    please call it 'Ash'
    EDIT: never mind, Im already calling my shell that
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